Blackberry plants

Custom blackberry plants


Due to the growing demand for blackberry plants, it was decided at Verpaalen Soft Fruit to start propagating different types of blackberries. As starting material to grow up longcanes we use purchased tray plants or from our own propagation. In each pot, varying from 4.7 liters to 7.5 liters, one tray plant is planted. Then this plant is topped and splits into 3 to 6 canes per pot. The height and number of canes per pot is customer specific, therefore each customer gets exactly the blackberry plant he needs.

The canes are raised in a so-called V-System, this system provides plenty of light, allowing flower buds to develop strongly. This allows the light, to reach the plant from top to bottom allowing the flower buds to develop optimally. The V-system allows us to create the highest possible production potential. At Verpaalen Soft Fruit you can find the following (licensed) varieties of blackberry plants, among others:

  • Loch Tay
  • Loch Ness

Quality and a high production potential are of paramount importance to us. You can contact us for a Naktuinbouw certified custom plant with a high production potential.

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