Strawberry Plants

Quality strawberry plants from Verpaalen Soft Fruit

Raspberry plug plants

Verpaalen Soft Fruit began in the soft fruit sector as a producer of strawberries. Since way back in the beginning, Verpaalen Soft Fruit has been making its own strawberry plants for its own production. Because of this experience and the experience with own plants in the greenhouse, Verpaalen Soft Fruit started in 2001 with the raise Of tray plants for sale

Strawberry Plants

We supply various (licensed) varieties customized and as required such as:

  • Cuttings (greenhouse and outdoor cuttings)
  • Plug plants
  • Mini-tray plants
  • Tray Plants

Plant quality and vitality are monitored throughout the entire process. As starting material, Verpaalen Soft Fruit uses high-quality, Naktuinbouw-certified, mother plants.

Strawberry (mini)-tray plants

Through flower cluster surveys we closely monitor the spread and establishment of flower clusters. Every customer always receives an individual flower survey. In this way we can guarantee our quality. Our ambition is to carry out the entire process from mother plant to tray plant so that we can exercise complete control over our plants. Because we exercise this control we can qualitative, making the highest achievable, starting material.

You can come to us for a Naktuinbouw certified plant customized with spread and high production potential.

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