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Verpaalen Soft Fruit

About us

Verpaalen Soft Fruit has existed since the 1960s. Since then the company has grown into a family business in which the number of seasonal employees varies from 0 to 100. Verpaalen Soft Fruit specializes in 3 different types of soft fruit plants and also produces strawberries. Our soft fruit plants are grown with great care, making the quality a constant factor throughout the years. Read more about this on the relevant pages.

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New vacancies

We are regularly looking for new colleagues and have recently posted a number of new vacancies online.

Strawberry Plants

Propagation and propagation (from starting material to tray plant). We supply various (licensed) varieties customized and as required such as:

  • Cuttings (greenhouse and outdoor cuttings)
  • Plug plants
  • Mini-tray plants
  • Tray Plants

Blackberry plants

Custom cultivation of blackberry plants in a so-called V-System. At Verpaalen Soft Fruit you can find the following (licensed) varieties of blackberry plants, among others:

  • Loch Tay
  • Loch Ness

Raspberry Plants

Propagation and propagation, from starting material to longcanes. We specialize in making well rooted plug plants, always striving for uniformity. A well-rooted plug plant provides a strong start for the propagation of raspberry longcanes.

Strawberry production

Since the late 1990s, Verpaalen Soft Fruit has been producing strawberries in the greenhouse, before that in the open ground. Since the start of production, we started growing our own plants. This ensures good quality control of our plants.