Quality strawberryplants from Verpaalen Soft Fruit


Verpaalen Soft Fruit started out in the soft fruit sector as a producer of strawberries. Whereas they used to be grown on open fields, all of the production is now done in +/- 4 Ha greenhouses. Since the very beginnings of the company, Verpaalen Soft Fruit have been making strawberryplants for their own production for a long time. As a result of our years of experience as a soft fruit producer, plantpropagator and cultivator, we started to sell our plants to other fruitproducers and propagators since 2001.


We deliver several (licensed) varieties, customized and desired, such as:

  • Cuttings (Greenhouse and outer)
  • Plug plants
  • Mini-trayplants
  • Trayplants

Strawberry (mini)Trayplants

The customers demands are safeguarded by closely monitoring the spread and flower initiation of clusters by means of flower cluster tests. Every customer always receives a complete flower cluster test report. Due to the cluster tests we can guarantee our quality.

Our ambition is to guide the complete process in-house from tipproduction till finished trayplants, so we have full control over our plants. With this controll we aim to get plants with high production potential and high quality. The quality and vitality of the plant is monitored throughout the production process. High-quality, Naktuinbouw-certified (the Netherlands Inspection Service for Horticulture), mother plants are used as base materials.

You can contact us for a customised Naktuinbouw-certified plants with wide spreads and high production potential. Want to have more information? Don't hesitate to contact us to make an appointment!



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