With a focus on healthy roots

Raspberry plugplants

Verpaalen Soft Fruit specializes in propagating well rooted plugplants, where we constantly keep an eye on uniformity. A well rooted raspberry plugplant can make a powerful start. The uniformity of the plugplants will be safeguarded by our strict pre-sorting. As a result of our strict pre-sorting we only grow the best cuttings and well rooted raspberry plugplants will be selected. Verpaalen Soft Fruit cultivates varieties such as:

  • Kwanza
  • Rafiki
  • Sarafina
  • Shani

Besides those we also cultivate others (licensed) varieties. Feel free to submit your questions and wishes to Verpaalen!

Raspberry Long canes

Since 2014 we also grow different cultivars long canes on customers demand. These long canes are grown in different pot sizes from 1,8 litre till 4,7 litre which can be adjusted to the numbers of raspberry long canes per pot. We give high priority to our quality and high production potential, which can be achieved by supplying in a V-system. This system provides a lot of light, which enables flower buds to develop strongly.


You can contact us for a customised Naktuinbouw-certified plant with a high production potential. Feel free to contact us and make an appointment!

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