Customized blackberry longcanes


Due to the growing demand for blackberries, Verpaalen Soft Fruit has decided to take on the propagation of various types of blackberries. To grow blackberry longcanes we use purchased tray plants or tray plants from our own breedings. Every pot has one tray plant, the potsizes are varying from 4.7 litre till 7.5 litre. The plant is getting topped and will split into 3 till 6 canes per pot. These canes are tied to a bamboo stick led in a vertical line up to the desired height. Height and amount of canes per pot is specific per customer. On this way each customer will get exactly the blackberryplants they need.

The canes are grown up in a so called V-system, this system provides a lot of light, which enables flower buds to develop strongly. This V-system makes sure that the light can reach the plant from top till toe what encourages growth. With this system we can grow plants with a high production potential. At Verpaalen Soft Fruit you can opt in for among other (licensed) varieties:

  • Loch Tay
  • Loch Ness

Verpaalen Soft Fruit always strive for quality and a high production potential. You can contact us for a customised Naktuinbouw-certified plant with high production potential.

Feel free to contact us and to schedule an appointment!

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