Meet Verpaalen Soft Fruit

How it all started

Verpaalen Soft Fruit started in the early 60s. At that time the company had a mixture of items such as, cows, pigs, raspberries, sprouts, pickles and strawberries. In the early 70s the company stopped livestock farming, which meant that focus shifted exclusively to outdoor vegetable production. Around 1980, the Verpaalen family started to specialise in open field strawberry cultivation. By means of cooled cultivation (60-day plant), the cultivation, labour and risk were spread. The company planted on different dates, so strawberries could be harvested from mid-May to mid-September. In addition, selection material and waiting bed plants were cultivated.

In the late 90s the company switched from open field to greenhouse strawberry production. In 2001, Verpaalen Soft Fruit started selling tray plants. Subsequently the company started growing raspberries in 2014. The company currently carries out the following operations: strawberry production, propagation and the cultivation of strawberry plants (from propagating material to tray plant) as well as the cultivation of raspberries and blackberry plants.


The daily management is carried out by John, Willy, Stephan and Marjolein Verpaalen. The company employs around 8 permanent members of staff. The number of seasonal employees varies from 0 to 100.

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