Verpaalen Soft Fruit

About us

Verpaalen Soft Fruit is a family-owned business that specialises in the production, propagation and cultivation of strawberries and strawberry plants (from propagating material to tray plant) and the cultivation of raspberries and blackberry plants. Read more about our soft fruit plants on the following webpages.



More information

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Strawberryplant propagator and cultivator (from propagating material to tray plant). We deliver several (licensed) varieties, customized and desired, such as:

  • Cuttings (Greenhouse and outer)
  • Plug plants
  • Mini-trayplants
  • Trayplants


Propagation of various types of blackberries in a so called V-system. At Verpaalen Soft Fruit you can opt in for among other (licensed) varieties:

  • Loch Tay
  • Loch Ness


Verpaalen Soft Fruit a raspberryplant propagator and cultivator, from plugplant till finished long canes. First of all we focus on propagating well rooted plugplants, where we constantly keep an eye on uniformity. Certainly a well rooted raspberry plugplant can make a powerful start, which is very important for us and for our customers.


In the late 90s the company switched from open field to greenhouse strawberry production. Since the start of our strawberry production we started to propagate and cultivate our own strawberryplants. In addition this ensures a good quality control of our plants.